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05:47 09/21/2013 - Another year? Close.
My year has been kind of shitty. More importantly the last few hours have been shitty, to the point of "epiphany".

I have become convinced that the reason I'm not happy is because I hate my lifestyle and have decided to be unhappy until I figure out where I'm doing it wrong and fucking fix it.
I'm irresponsible, childish, arrogant and incredibly narcissistic. I need to stop spending money that I don't have on shit I don't need. I need to stop dulling my mind and obsessing over escapist entertainment. I need to know my limits and stop believing that I deserve what I want solely because of some perceived inherent superiority.

Tomorrow I'm going to work, getting my shit done, and coming home. I'm going to be depressed as fuck because I'm wallowing in self-pity to recover and grieve for a day. It's also going to be a long god damned day.
Sunday.. I don't know. I'm going to do virtually nothing productive, possibly the dishes or some laundry. I may spend the entire day on Guild Wars 2, I may read any one of Ivanhoe, Brave New World or the Teachings of Buddah. I might just lay in bed and sleep. I'm pretty sure that I'll continue my pity party, regardless. I don't know.

On Monday morning, I'm going to get up, take the store manager's assessment test, make some phone calls and start to kick my life in the ass until I've earned what I expect out of it. I will move the fuck on and see what's next, and if what I see isn't going to make me happy, I'll just keep fucking moving until it does.


01:25 12/25/2012 - Two more years
current mood: confused

There is a certain strange malaise of the soul when you're at the place where you live, and you have been for hours, but you think to yourself "I want to go home." and you're not even sure what or where that means anymore.
It only makes things worse that you feel the need to share this, but don't know where to put it without sounding whiny and emo or like a plea for help/attention. Therefore, LiveJournal, which is still known (by people who even know about it anymore) as the last bastion of emo kids and attention whores, becomes the ideal, as it fades into the background noise and drama.. and only 2 people are likely to notice this, and I don't expect either of them to take it seriously as a sign of worry. (Especially since they just read the last paragraph.)

In other news.. everything. I wouldn't even know where to start, and I'm not going to try.


14:40 11/17/2010
A year and a half between posts... hard to believe I still check my friend list daily.
In not-exactly recent news, I've changed jobs twice since last posting.. worked security at the Perdue processing plant in Cromwell, KY for a bit over a year, and just today I begin a fabulous new career as a trucker.
I've moved a bit in KY since my last posting, but nothing special there.
For the most part non-work has been the same old story.. anime, games, games, anime..
One major life-changing event took place well over a year ago now tho.. in August 09, my Dad passed away. I still get a bit depressed if I think about it for more than a few minutes, but I'm more or less ok with it all. I miss him, and I expect I always will miss him, but what else can I do? He didn't want to be left on life support and we couldn't bear to see him in that state. He passed peacefully, with his parents, all his brothers and sisters, and wife and kids around him, so I like to think that it was the best possible way of things.
We picked up a second punk cat in october or november last year as well. Her name is Allie, but I mostly call her Al. She's skittish and a bit feral attitude-wise yet, but she chats with Tara all the time and sometimes with me (mostly in the middle of the night when she's lonely or hungry x.x). I'd like to get a kitty to join me in the truck (I was gonna call him Ted >.> ), but the company has a no-pet policy thanks to a combination of excess fuel spent idling trucks to keep animals alive in extreme temperatures and drivers not cleaning up after their pets. Ah well.
Not much else going on, so I'll be off to whatever.


23:15 04/04/2009
current mood: happy

I have a new computer, after several years of needing one. Intel core2Duo E7200, dual nVidia 9500 GT in SLI on an Asus P5N-SLI mobo, 4 gigs of ram (yes I've got PAE set to on, no need to waste ram), and dual 250gig HDDs, pulled the cd-rw and dvd-rw, as well as my audigy2 ZS, from my old system and got a cheap, but quality new mouse, as my previous mouse was being a bitch about connecting to my KVM with the usb-to-ps/2 converter. miraculously I've avoided installing vista. being able to set every game I own to 1600x1200 and max quality on every setting except physix card support is very nice. I may save a bt up and see if i can find a cheap pci-x card for that later on, not that it's even remotely necessary for what I'm playing now.
just before that we got our 360, which has been good.. I'm a little dissapointed with needing to do 2 live subscriptions if Tara and I want to play online, but for now we'll just skip them entirely.
no real changes at work or elsewhere, so I'll just cut myself off here and go finish the dishes then play some blue dragon or CoX.

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23:30 03/05/2009
current mood: bored

I'm alive.

Tara and I are now living in a small apartment, since December.. it's too small, but at least i can afford it, so that's as it should be i guess.

I went home back in January to get most of the stuff i had left at home, and of course, while i was gone, Tara got a kitten from a rescue group in owensboro.. I had wanted to wait, but i'm pretty happy with the cat anyhow. Her name is maggie (i tend to call her magrat, after one of the major witches from the Discworld books.), and if i get a photobucket i may even post pictures eventually. she is adorable, if slightly insane.

an Ice storm in late January left us without power for about 9 days, and with no internet for a bit over 3 weeks.. I'm not sure how i survived it. maggie weathered the ordeal with no issues, thankfully.

work is work, not much else to say about it.

Tara and I "rescued" a lost beagle a few days ago.. she was wandering around outside the apartment, so we called the name on the tag and found out she was about 10 miles from home, and her owner came to pick her up.. she was a cute little dog, but maggie didn't much care for the company.

looks like we'll be getting a nifty red RE5 xbox 360 in the next week or so.. and whenever i get my tax refund (assuming it isn't whisked away by sallie mae) i'll be getting a shiny new computer (at last). and my laptop finally had to be put down, but since i'm back on the desktop, this was not the tragedy it could have been.. Tara got a processor and ram upgrade to her laptop, and i have spare parts galore for her.. the one major bit of idiocy on my part was trashing the laptop case.. without getting my XP key and authenticity sticker.. it makes me feel slightly dumb to think i've just thrown away a perfectly good OS and i might have to tolerate vista on my next PC.

on the one (sort of) changing and exciting portion of my life: anime!
Akkikan! is one of the stranger series pitches lately, drink cans turn into girls to battle out the fate of the japanese vending industry standards: aluminum vs steel.. no really, that's what it's about.. it's sort of degenerated in to romantic dramadey, but it's still worth watching a bit of.
Skip Beat is.. silly.. it's a sort of girly show at the root of it all, but it's still very entertaining.. a young woman, who has given up her whole life to support her adored "boyfriend" on his quest to mega-stardom is dumped and vows vengeance on him, but he'll only acknowledge this revenge if she can become a bigger star than him.. so she sets out to do so.. hilarity ensues. (i've noticed that this phrase alone will get me to watch pretty much anything)
Naruto.. Manga: holy shit why do they keep killing EVERYONE off! Anime: oh look.. they got too close to the manga again, here comes another filler arc, god i hope this one doesn't last 2 years.
bleach.. Manga: megafight! the last 40 chapters have all been constant fighting, shinigami vs hollows, and not much plot has evolved out of it. Anime: Filler! back to the manga! um.. filler again already? oh wait, it's back to the manga.. wait.. wasn't this the manga's filler arc? oh shit.. it was.
Gash bell is winding to a close, sporadically.
Detective Conan.. ok the show has been on for a bit over 12 years now, and it's still the same old "murder a week" awesomeness as ever, but just going by the in show chronology and episode to episode continuity (even being generous and assuming it's only about 5 days between cases, max) the main character should be just a bit older than he was prior to the "being turned into a grade schooler" incident that began the series, just through natural aging.. i think you all can guess.. this is not the case.. he's not even in the next damn grade yet x.x
I think I've mentioned minami-ke before.. it's now on it's 3rd series, but it's still some funny funny stuff.
KuroKami is a nice bit of darker and more serious drama.. supernatural beings protect the balance of causality in the world, but one has gone rogue.. mortal kombat ensues.. plus: brother vs sister mystery backstory and "why is my mom involved in this" for the human who gets sucked into it all. also: hilarious non-anthropomorphic dachshund sidekick.

I may or may not have ever talked about Kodomo no Jikan.. if not, it's a ... i don't know the right words.. disturbing? funny as hell? so-funny-it's-hard-to-be-as-creeped-out-as-i-should-be?.. well.. it's a show about a girl.. little pre-pubescent girl at that.. who flirts openly with her mid 20s teacher, flashes him, makes lewd comments about oral sex, S&M, intercourse, etc.. and generally leaves him freaked the hell out, yet aroused (and to give him credit, he is just as freaked out about the arousal as the next sane non-pedo type would be.. a "it's not cool, but wtf can I do about it" sort of mindset).. it's actually got a fairly serious turn at the end.. but it all ends up ok and that's where the recently started Kodomo no Jikan 2nd term picks up. really.. this show is so not America friendly, both manga and anime having been licensed and dropped days after the announcement as parents and censor groups around the nation shit their pants at the mere synopsis, but if you can handle the loli-parade, you might just find it hysterical.

not much else to say, which is sort of sad since i hadn't updated since september, but then my life has always been fairly mundane, so what were you really expecting?

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07:30 10/18/2008
current mood: blah

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
kioku_jonny goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Ninja.
amberghini tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
elektrofried tricks you! You get a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
loffie gives you 14 green coffee-flavoured jawbreakers.
lynnsiendar tricks you! You lose 5 pieces of candy!
mercury_hime gives you 1 green lime-flavoured jawbreakers.
pengie gives you 2 mauve passionfruit-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
princelollipop tricks you! You get a scratched CD.
psycholis tricks you! You get a dead frog.
rosey175 gives you 10 purple banana-flavoured jawbreakers.
stevomcqueen tricks you! You lose 10 pieces of candy!
kioku_jonny ends up with 12 pieces of candy, a broken balloon, a 3.5-inch floppy disc, a scratched CD, and a dead frog.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

you guys suck.. floppy disks and candy thieves..

oh well, time for work

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13:02 09/30/2008
current mood: busy

Yes, I'm alive. And I read my friends page on a fairly regular basis.
However, I don't have a lot that I feel needs to be said of late, I have a crap job (I'm a stocker/register jockey for a chain by the name of Fred's, those of you in/from the south-east may know it. think: "if there were a store that was the step between Big Lots and Walmart, what would it be like?" the answer is "Fred's"), which I spend a fair amount of time at, and then I spend the rest of my time alternately hating small town Kentucky for having nothing to do without driving an hour or so away, and fighting with my laptop, which just hasn't been the same since I foolishly upgraded the hard drive to 5400rpm rather than sticking to 4200rpm, heat issues and random blue screening abound, in part due to heat, and in part due to fuckifiknow. driver issues, page faults, anti-virus, and a variety of other blue screen causes keep coming up, but I'm currently unable to use my desktop, so I have no room for backups and storage to do a clean wipe-n-fix. Spore causes these sometimes. And yes, EA has psychotic DRM, but Spore is still worth it.
Other games: City of Heroes took a hiatus for financial reasons, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 was all the awesome I was looking for, and Spore has already been covered.
Google Chrome: so very very good... and yet so very very frustrating.
TV: Heroes is strange this season.. Life remains awesome, moreso since I got the first season on DVD. Eureka sure got to reruns quickly.
If you're looking for more/other details, ask and I'll get around to posting them. In the meantime, I'm about to be off to work, so you'll just have to wait for it.

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02:55 04/06/2008
current mood: exanimate

haven't posted in a while.. been busy with city of heroes, being at Tara's for the last 2 months and generally not having anything i particularly felt like talking about.

One character in CoH near the level cap, so I'll unlock 2 new hero types to try out once i get my subscription back up (taking a short break to deal with life issues outlined below), and the next issue is going into closed beta soon, with a hell of a lot of new free content to toy with

have smash bros brawl, fun stuff, Pit is an excellent new addition.. can't really say i care for snake or sonic. it's at Tara's (while I am currently home to repair my truck and you can't move the game save/character unlock data to a SD card.. wtf Nintendo?) so once I head back down there, I may get around to posting my brawl code and see if any of you want to do some online playing (random online brawling has random OMFGLAG depending on the connections of those playing, so it has a very hit or miss fun aspect for me)

truck repair is consisting of replacing my brake lines.. and it is sucking major ass. might need to have the metal lines made to do it.. don't know how bad that's going to be, but i'm hopeful i can keep it under $150 for everything.

going to be taking the postal exam in Evansville, IN on the 14th.. of course the test materials and exam appointment date came the day after i left Tara's (which is where it was mailed to x.x) it could all go to shit if the truck work goes badly tho.. which will of course leave me unbelievably irritated.

hoping to buy a new PC in the near future.. it'll all depend on what the truck repairs will cost me, and how much i'm willing to sacrifice in the name of "i can upgrade that part later when i'm working again." a dual core processor and a PCI-express capable mobo are the minimum, no ifs ands or buts there, I'd like to go intel, i'm not impressed with amd right now, and ATI is notoriously bad with CoH, so Nvidia will be getting video card money (i may suck it up and settle for a low end 6xxx or 7xxx series card, since i can always upgrade that later and it'd still be a nice step up from current) and ram is cheap, 2 gigs should be easy to do. windows purchase and hard drive size are the two other factors, but i can handle a comparitively smaller drive like 160gb with no stress, and i have 3 license keys for winXP (all legit and valid too), and i can stand to kill one of the older machines with no real fuss.
a sample config from the company i plan to buy from has me with intel core 2 E2200, 2 gigs of ram, 160gb HDD, 20x DVDRW and a 256mb gforce 8400gs for a bit under $390, with no OS and that's probably gonna be no real issue, unless the truck repairs hit $250, but i really don't think it'll cost me that much since i'm doing all the work.

and lastly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd3-eiid-Uw

that is just all kinds of awesome.. hopefully someone makes something of it.

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04:01 01/11/2008 - Japan may or may not be winning the internet, but they are winning TV.
current mood: amused

Detective Conan.. Live Action Special 2.. oh. my. fucking. god. it's full of lol. shit.. it's MADE of lol. lol and win, with a tiny bit of fail, but fail of the sort that doesn't detract from the win while raising the lol to near genius. (incidentally, using verbs and acronyms instead of regular nouns in an otherwise sane and coherent sentence is something that I'm not sure if I should thank the internet for or not.)
the best part? Conan and Ai. Their anime VAs are dubbed over some random kids who kinda look like the anime versions, Conan much much more so than Ai (most notably, the girl has the wrong hair color, yet there is a photo shown of the adult version of Ai who looks EXACTLY like her adult form in the anime.. well, as exactly as you can get going from the anime style face shape to real human shapes).. because Japan would be pissed if it didn't properly sound like Conan, I can only assume. the kids aren't all that smooth at the timing needed for it to seem real, but they're no stiffer than any of the actors playing the adults (who are strangely not dubbed, presumably because hardcore fans don't actually give a shit about Mouri Kogoro or Agasa Hakase), so they get some credit for their willingness to fill the shoes of characters that are probably older than they are.
on another side note, i find it quite funny that if Conan aged in the anime for 11 years of real time, he'd now be a year or three older than he was before being turned into a child in the first episode. yes, I'm easily amused.

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10:19 01/08/2008
current mood: exhausted

So I've been on a massive anime watching spree in the new year, and i felt like sharing a few opinions (in no particular order other than my memory supplying titles):

Kodomo no Jikan: I watched the uncensored first episode and the remaining 11 in their cut-for-broadcast forms.. and I'll say this first (and in bold, because i don't want to hear any bitching): avoid this show if you have issues with young sexuality and Lolita-like behaviors, because that's pretty much at the heart of the show. episode 6 is quite touching and sad, and episodes 11 and 12 are quite dark (in, unusually for this series, a non-sexual way). the other 9 episodes and OAV are packed with Rin, a nine-year old doing her damnedest to corrupt Aoki Daisuke, her fresh-to-teaching (and mid-school year replacement) 23-year old home room teacher (don't worry, it freaks him the hell out too, no pedo activity, but he does have some interesting inner conflict for a good portion of the series), with her two closest friends.. Kuro-chan, a rich gothic-lolita type (often seen in nekomimi gear) with a lesbian crush on Rin and intense distaste for Aoki-sensei, and Mimi-chan, a sweet and somewhat naive girl with a way over-developed body for her age, and a bit of an inferiority complex. a few other teachers are involved in the school setting, as well as the semi-faceless mob of the girls' classmates. Rin's cousin/guardian, Reiji, also makes his share of appearances, most notably in episodes 6, 11 and 12. for the most part i found the show funny as all hell, but i have next to no shame, and i'm ready to laugh at things that would make most westerners scream in outrage or have a mental short out. I'm waiting on the DVD subs to get done so i can rewatch the series, since the TV version censoring is strangely over-done and even misleading in cases.. by way of example, in the uncut versions Kuro-chan constantly uses the term "virgin" to harangue Aoki-sensei, but this is masked with sound effects in the cut. another example is the girls "rewarding" their teacher for his kindness in class by giving him a bit of a heart-attack, raising skirts to flash.. well, no, not their panties, but their gym bloomers.. at him.. this is also blocked out, along with audio censoring of Rin saying something to the effect of "you always need to wear bloomers under your skirt", actually making the show appear far worse than it is if you were to watch the uncensored version. I did have a few sections that made me a bit uncomfortable in the last couple of episodes, but as i mentioned, those were dark and non-sexual in nature. I don't know who i'd recommend this show to, but i can think of several people likely to read this that i'd warn away from it.

Minami-ke: cute, funny, and very watchable. if you liked Azumanga, you will almost certainly love this show. contains: sibling rivalry; sweet and beautiful, yet (potentially) lazy, caretaker eldest sister (Haruka); rowdy, not-overly-bright and slightly thoughtless middle sister (Kana); child prodigy with no tolerance of idiots youngest sister (Chiaki); doses of school life, bad tv dramas, household chores, and the sisters' friends (including a cross-dressing girl and boy from Chiaki's school group, and these two are some of the funniest side characters ever seen in anime). i can recommend this to pretty much anyone, unless you can't stand cute simple comedy with no heavy back story. a second season starts this month, which is great, because 13 episodes are just not enough.

Mahoromatic season 2: starts wonderfully as a continuation of the first season, gets a bit dark, goes utterly depressing, and has one of the worst final episodes since Eva. it's really hard to recommend this one, unless you have a thing for tragedy or bullshit endings.

Lovely Complex: synopsis first.. Take abnormally tall japanese girl, add abnormally short japanese boy, with dashes of friendly rivalry, comedic chaos, romance, betrayal, more romance, total obliviousness and high school life then mix well. and oh my god this show is a fucking emotional roller coaster. I honestly cried in some of the episodes, usually after laughing my ass off a few minutes earlier, while frequently laughing just as hard again a few minutes later. very much a romantic tragi-comedy in episodes 6 onward. it's quite a good story, well written and with a certain sense of realism, but holy hell.. 24 episodes of this show can be really rough if you try to watch it in one go as I did. I'd still recommend it to most people I know (I'd advise the more empathetic or sappy to have tissues handy.. but even some of the more jaded could need them.) I will note that, if you're like me and have had a disturbingly long streak of finding your way into starting a comedy series only to suddenly realize you're watching romantic tragedy (this was quite literally the 7th show in a row following this trend for me), but can't stop because of your OCD-like need to know how it will end, you may want to try something else before you get to this one.

Rizelmine (season 1): this one is kind of hard to call.. it's humorous, and thankfully light on the serious emotional material (which i needed badly when i got to this show) but it's simultaneously incredibly stupid.. it teeters on the brink of so stupid you have to laugh, and so stupid you can't believe you're still watching it. Our hero (no, i don't remember his name off hand) is on his way home from school, having found the teacher he is in love with is getting married, and seriously pissed about it all. as he arrives home he discovers Rizel, a cute 12 year old girl waiting for him. he shortly thereafter discovers that a) she is a bioengineering experiment of the japanese government. b) she will be living at his home with her 3 guardians, Papa A, Papa B and Papa C (yes, those are seriously their actual names, i am not making this shit up) c) she is his wife, by virtue of the japanese government literally laying down the law. add in a few facts like his parents being perfectly bribed and in love with the situation, his "interest" in older women, and the fact that he cannot, under any circumstances, let Rizel cry. because her tears are made of nitroglycerine. really. i'm not joking about this either. i couldn't make this kind of shit up if i tried. he is of course a total dick and gets blown up regularly. I'm actually interested in watching the second season, but more for closure than out of a really love for the show. it's cute, bit it's easily trumped by Urusei Yatsura, which it very very closely resembles in virtually every respect, right down to the opening theme song.

Tsubasa Chronicle season 2, Movie 1 and OAV ep 1: I heart CLAMP = I heart Tsubasa. kind of a disappointing ending episode for the TV series, in a similar vein to Inuyasha's ending (but after 1/10th the episodes thank god) in that it doesn't really conclude, just stops making enough money to get picked up for more TV episodes while the manga continues. the OAV picks the story back up, but at only 3 episodes, will in no way, shape or form cover the remaining manga story. the movie is a non-manga story, and maintains the high quality of the series, being effectively a double length episode with way more animation budget. If you're a fan of Sakura, Shaoran, or pretty much the rest of the CLAMP universes, you probably have already been on the ball with this one.

Gargoyle of the Yoshinagas: A young girl (massive tomboy with tendancies to violence) wins a stone gargoyle in a market raffle.. and it turns out that the gargoyle happens to be sentient, nearly omniscient and armed with some serious magic. add in a great supporting cast, several recurring villains (who more or less reform) and you get some good action, with a lot of humor, cuteness and sentimental moments mixed in. I restarted this after stalling out halfway over the summer, and I'm pretty pleased that I did.. fun characters and good writing, I'd recommend this to most, but you may want to skip it it you're looking for a long story or a less open ending. I'd also suggest skipping the DVD special short, since they're extremely random and not up to the quality of the rest of the show.

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV: in a nutshell, Robot girl with a cat's brain running around fighting an evil corporation and trying to balance this with high school life without blowing her cover as other-than-human.. it should also be mentioned that her mother (her creator's wife) works as an exec for said evil corporation, often wearing a silly stereotypical anime baddy costume and mask in the line of duty. meanwhile her owner (son of aforementioned creator and wife) tries (mostly unsuccessfully) to teach her anything that will help her seem like a normal everyday high school girl. the TV version of the series is not it's high point.. being more or less a parody of robot-girl-attending-high-school-under-cover.. the show never takes itself seriously, and that makes it a good deal more watchable than it would be if you thought it was trying to be a serious series. even the first few minutes every episode after the opening credits when it vaguely explains Nuku Nuku's origins are played for laughs as the primary male character holds up a manga volume and the OAV cassette box and says "that's not quite how i remember it, but whatever.."

Nuku Nuku OAV: a much better telling and origin of Nuku Nuku, somehow managing to be both more serious and sentimental than the TV series while remaining comedy gold. A boy and his scientist father are on the run from the boy's mother, a wealthy heiress to a heavy industries military contractor. while fleeing, the boy Ryuunosuke, finds a kitten, which is killed in some crossfire.. and in order to save the animal, his father inserts the cat's brain into a humanoid android frame he'd developed and was attempting to keep out of his wife's company's hands. comedy follows. very short, as most OAVs are, but totally worth the time to watch it, despite a somewhat shallow end to the series.

Iketeru Futari: older, and far far too short, but hilarious. Perverted guy falls for man-hating hottie, chaos and comic hijinxs ensue. it's not very deep or terribly plot driven, nor does it have much in the way of real sentiment, but it does provide a few "awww" moments. warning: contains a number of pretty explicit masturbation jokes as well as plenty of fan service. i personally enjoyed the show quite a bit, but it's not for the prudish or people who can't take an abundance of cheesecake/pinup type stills closing episodes.

that would be it for now, i may have some more to say here shortly, but as it is, my eyes are burning after sleeping in till late afternoon yesterday then being up all night watching Kodomo no Jikan and Detective Conan episodes, so i'm going to go pass out.

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20:16 12/07/2007
current mood: amused

Well, since the people running Rappelz have been more or less shitting on the player base by doing nothing but line their pockets and ignore bugs, i've been taking a break from it until there is more new content.
in the meantime, I'm now a subscribing player of City of Heroes/Villains.. and i gotta say, it's some fun shit. 12 character slots per server, any of which can be a hero or a villain. 5 archetypes for heroes with 2 prestige archetypes available once you've taken a hero to level 50 and 5 archetypes for villains (these work out to being something like a class in other games). each archetype has about 6 to 8 primary superpower sets, and another half dozen or so secondary power sets (which work out to being your build). further in you gain access to the power pool, basic supplementary powers available to any archetype (including things like leadership/tactic-improving powers, super speed, health/endurance powers, and my favorite, flight.) the variety of builds possible is pretty stunning after playing any other MMO (excepting D&D online, but since that follows pen and paper rules pretty exactingly, that should be no shock). i could easily use 12 slots on just a single archetype and still not have tired even half of the power set combinations.

and then there's costume creation. it'd take me forever to list the various options, because there are a shitload. 3 basic body types (male, female, huge.. huge is male, but think juggernaut or the hulk), 8 head-types, 40+ hairstyles (if you have hair for the type of head you've picked), dozens of faces, maybe 100+ details (glasses, horns, cigar, respirators, etc, etc), 8 or 9 upper body styles (jacket, armor, martial arts robes, tights, robotic arms, etc, etc) with tons of choices for shoulder pads, armor styles, jacket types, gloves, belts and so on, 4 (or 6 for female) lower body styles (pants, armor, tights or monstrous, plus skirts and tights w/skin for females) with an assload of boots, and so on. and depending on your archetype you can pick weapon models (axe and mace users now have an option for a shovel.. the shovel is the whole reason i got a free trial, thanks to Zubon at Kill Ten Rats.. if you don't get the shovel concept, go watch Mystery Men.. hell, you should go watch it anyway, it's a funny damn movie) in about 3 weeks of playing (including trial account time) i have yet to see anyone that looks at all like me. i doubt i'll ever run into a "twin" like i have with every other mmorpg i've tried (and yeah, i tried WoW on a well populated private server.. i saw at least 3 people in my race/class with the same coloring and armor.. as an aside: why do people like that game? fucking hell, i was bored before i hit level 15, and i live for noob leveling.. i love the feeling of making progress and not grinding the hell out of a game.) and on top of that, at certain levels you get "costume mission) from the manager of a store in several zones that let you create alternate costumes that you can switch to anytime you want. should you join a supergroup (guild) you can also change your costume colors to match.

anyhow.. i have 10-day trial codes to give out (only 4 trials can be active at once, but i have an unlimited number to give out as the older ones expire) so, if anyone wants to check the game out just comment with an email addy and i'll get it sent out (comments will be screened). and just to be all upfront about it (and so i don't hear cries of "you're just exploiting us for game time"), if you try it out and do subscribe, i'll get a free month of play time for the referral. if you've played before but have been away at least 90 days and want to come see what issue 11 added (just released last week), i've got a code for that too, (and if you pay for a month to play with new content afterward, we both get a 15 day playtime bonus.)

If anyone is playing on the Protector server already, I'm usually on Kia Twinblade (dual blade/will power scrapper.. this is my global chat handle as well) and occasionally I'm on Kio AntiHero (dual blade/regen scrapper), so say hi if you see me.

now that that rant is out of the way.. I've recently been given FF12:Revenant Wings. I'm at 40% mission completion after just 10 hours, and I'm pretty happy with it.. It's a pretty slick combination of RPG and RTS styles (somewhat like a FF tactics game with active time battle and a modified gambit system) and the story has been pretty good so far. the FMV cut scenes are the usual Square-Enix Quality Awesome (one scene had me laughing for a bit about the costume design.. let's just say it's obvious Penelo waxes and leave it at that), and the play graphics are good.. the backgrounds are among the best i've seen on the DS, but the character sprites are a bit blocky at times. there's an interesting "lite rpg" concept added in that should you fail a mission you lose any items you would have found, but you still get a token amount of exp and a prompt to try again or not. this makes it entirely possible that the party could get wiped out, but party members could actually level up.. which i find amusing. All in all i'd have to say this is a quality game.. if you're into RTS and Final Fantasy, get this.. if you're into one, but not the other, give it a rental and see.. but if you hate real time strategy, skip this one, it's not for you.

in non-gaming news: not much going on.. still have no car, since the truck's brake lines are fucked and the repair costs were something like 5~10 times the value of the vehicle.. jobs interviews continue to not happen or not pan out. my sister is having or has had a baby today (by c-section, and i don't know the gender.. they wanted to be surprised) but no one has called to tell me what's going on yet. Mom and Dad are at her place as a result, leaving me home alone for the weekend with the dog.
sometime after the 18th i plan on going to see Tara, and maybe i'll have some luck finding a job there, since i'm sure as hell not having any finding one here.

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01:34 11/28/2007
current mood: bored

If you could only pick ONE of the following items in the next six groups, which would it be? (i.e. by picking the ONE, you can no longer have/possess the others, EVER)

...Group 1...
   Your collection of books
   A computer
   Your DVD collection

this question stopped me for a good 20 minutes while i debated options 1 and 2.

NerdTests.com says I&quot;m a Dorky Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

yeah.. no one saw that coming.. i'm a massive geek in all categories except "dork/akward"

NerdTests.com User Test: The Godzilla Awareness Test.

*intentionally bad fake japanese accent* Raaaaahn, it gojira!! raaaahn fo youah riiiiives!!! (it's better in person, i swear)
Even my dad thinks i've seen too many godzilla movies... since i've seen ALL of them (except that one with matthew broderick.. ew)

that's about it for the night i think.

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03:07 11/27/2007
well.. i wanted to embed a well done and hilarious youtube video here.. but they disabled embedding.. so you get this link..


and instead i'll embed this video, which made me laugh for a good 5 minutes no, i don"t care if it offends you, this is your warningCollapse )


10:46 11/19/2007
current mood: pain meds say hwa?

so they only pulled one tooth.. i now have about 2 wisdom teeth worth of material filling 3 sockets.. joy.

doesn't hurt yet, but i took a vicoden about 30 mins ago and the tooth came out only about an hour ago.

no spitting is a really damn hard thing to have to deal with when all i can taste is blood x.x.


04:50 11/16/2007
current mood: annoyed

so i fell asleep kinda early last night and wake up at 4:30 in the morning.. i happen to look outside and what do i see? a layer of that godawful white shit know as snow covering the leaves in the yard.
god damn it.

it'll be gone not long after sunrise i expect, but thanks to the ultra late warm weather the leaves aren't even done falling out of the trees yet and if the temperature drops enough to keep it around it's gonna be hell cleaning it up. the wet weather has already been making things difficult.

still no job.. but 've gotten a bit of ultra-cheap dental work done, which has been good, and Monday i go in to get two of my wisdom teeth pulled.

not much else to talk about.

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